Caution Hero!!!

The hero is overpowered and overly cautious

Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru ; この勇者が俺TUEEEくせに慎重すぎる

A novice goddess Rsitarte worry to save a world from evil king and his underling. it’s an tale to establish a god’s heavy work on saving a world under their protection. The goddes’s act is an notion of the proverb “haste makes waste” she tried to choose a hero but accidentally she saw an over powered one then started summoning him. She begun to out of conceit with one of his trait as hero against all his traits later.

The goddess chose Seiya ryuguuin as a hero to save the world she is given to protect. seiya’s action doesn’t seem to have a great picturing role in manga but ristarte’s vain to show of her hero to fellow god’s has been completely in vain is fun to read with a sister complex to senior sealing goddes ariado. seiya seem to coward to ristarte but his actions keeps her dumbfounded from time to time along their journey in the world in despair.
hero in training

Seiya is heavily cautious of his actions and decision over tiny details, Any OCD person shall bite the dust against his cautious behaviour. He believes having power ten folds to his enemies power is considerably safe, which might be an overstatement however in future chapters he might be revealed to have power skill rivalling the gods. Overall it’s an comedic isekai – shounen manga having a new flavour to hero and gods tale an delight to an everyday Heroes and gods story.

Seiya’s training session with sword god might give a good idea how severe is his over cautious behavior. Up until to the chapter 5 seiya’s presence is a bit low for a protaganist in a story yet, it has been compensated with ristarte fancy and funny shows of memoir.

Verdict: An exemplary story work a good adaptation of web novel. An new flavour of delight for Isekai fans.

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