That time i got reincarnated as a slime

Episode 24 – review

I didn’t expect to have diabolo introduction so soon in anime. It’s about shizu’s past adventure story .

Verdict: It’s an wise choice to use as filler.

It starts with two people summoning a greater black demon. she asks him to instigate an attack on the nation. reason behind their wish was not explored. i personally thought they would introduce Demon lord Guy TBH. But they indeed wanted to hype up the viewer base with diabolo’s sudden appearence but he really indeed a loyal right hand man for rimuru . Even rimuru gets goose bumps on diabolo’s action. he is the commander for black corps on rimuru tempest army. Diabolo is a key point on rimuru’s greatest nation creation plan. let’s wait and see how they make the next episodes to the major arc ” birth of a demon lord” Rimuru’s true monster face.

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