Recruitment Part two

「Carla-chan, are you okay? You must have a fever!」

Rika san was rude in the guild where a huge scream was heard.

「Excuse me, Rika-san. I haven’t had a fever in a long time.」

「Then why are you recruiting employees?」

(Well, you’re right to be curious there …)

I’m not proud of it but my inn has never hired an employee before. I’m a “tripper” from another world and I have a “cheat ability” that happens to be “trippers” 『TEMPLATE』. (I hear more and more people don’t have them these days but when I was on Earth, it was a perk that came with almost every person who travelled to another world.)

There were many different abilities that were granted by the Supreme God but among them the status was outstanding and extraordinary. Simply put, all abilities are at least five times higher than the max status of this world. In addition, many special 【Skills】 have been granted and today there are an uncountable number of 【Skills】 that have been granted. Probably. …… ..

If he used his skills, he could manage the inn by himself.

「Didn’t you say you didn’t want anyone to steal what the inn really was like you said something about preventing the spread of technology? 」

That’s exactly what I’m saying. When I first came here, I was determined not to sell my skills which is common in otherworldly reincarnation/trip things. It is a so-called technology monopoly.

Various people came to apprentice themselves to this technique but I turned them all away.

It must have been an astonishing event for me to be recruiting employees.

「I used to think that way in the beginning but now I think its okay and it’s true that I’ve expanded the inn recently and it’s getting a little hard to work alone, so I need one or two people to work with me. I also want to make time for myself. ……」

「I’m not sure what to make of it but I’m sure it’s a good idea.」

「That’s right, it’s weird isn’t it? 」

「But what are you going to do, if they come and work right away and it didn’t work well」

「Yeah, I’m going to take a week off to give them some training.」

Training will be provided, of course. It is safe to say that there is almost no training in this world, and everything is done through on-the-job training (training through actual work in the workplace) but no one is going to do that.

I won’t let that happen at my inn. I intend to educate them well and bring them up to a level where they will not be ashamed to be seen by anyone.

Hmm? Can I get that much training in a week? Oh, it’s a foolish question. It’s not “can you or can’t you”, it’s “will you or won’t you”. …… Naturally if I’m going to conduct training I’m going to pour all of my skills into it and train it at a level that will create a legitimate cripple so don’t worry. Even if the Demon King comes as a guest I intend to raise them to a level where they can handle things normally. hehehe………

While putting out a black aura from the back (it is not an illusion but the magical power that leaked out actually reacting to carla’s emotions and turns black) carla-chan suddenly fell silent. okay will you suppress the release of magical power for the time being! Because I can see that the air that was applied to Carla’s magical power “ceased”…… and the expressionlessness is still the same so, it’s even frightening.

「…… So I’m going to put out the word that we’re going to have a week of training as well, if that’s okay?」

When I asked that, the black aura that she had been wearing disappeared then she returned to her usual appearance.

「Yes, please. I would appreciate it if you could write that we also do post-interview tests. We will use it as a material to judge your personality and so on. After that, I think I’ll be absent from the inn for about ten days for the exam and training period so, if you could let them know that as well I’d appreciate it. …… 」

「Yes yes, I’ll write that down too and when are you going to do the recruitment test? I don’t think you’ll get anyone right away.」

She continued to talk while already writing on her information terminal. Beside her, the guild master nodded his head. I mean Master, you should get back to work.

「Yes, for the time we’ll start at the beginning of next month. If it’s two weeks from now they’ll be informed, right? 」

「There’s plenty of time for that. I mean, in two weeks you could have people from all over the world.」

「Because to get good people you have to get people from a lot of places. ……」

「I got it, I’ll create it with this. Carla-Chan make sure you advertise at the inn as well, okay? 」

That’s what I call it and I’m the one who updates the information. In about two hours from now the information will be delivered to all branches around the world and another ten minutes after that it will be available to everyone who has a card.

It never occurred to the two of them at the time that two weeks from now some areas of the royal capital would be enveloped in an abnormal frenzy.

Well, what the heck, I guess the end is a bit subtle, but okay.

I’m recruiting for now.

I’m going to put one or two people in there.

I’m sorry, but this employee may be reborn as something beyond human.

A person who was made to stop being a human being by carla’s direct teaching method. I feel sorry for you.

But that’s not an option. If it doesn’t transcend humans, it could disappear in the cleaning stage.

In the next article, we will talk about the day of the recruitment exam.

I should be updating my other two works soon: …….

See you in the next episode.

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