That time i got reincarnated as a slime

Demon lords and assistant

This anime adaptation of this manga is making a quite a uproar among the fan base. TBH i got surprised to see a series trailer while reading the manga but it’s the same with goblin slayer, let’s mediate on manga for now.

If you read the manga for two chapters you might have an idea of a boring story line but the author throw us off guard when he starts to make an out of world concept for the Out of the World manga. The MC’s decision seems to be having a quite a vision for that world’s benefit on a long run.

His encounters with various royalty might presume a high image however his playful thoughts and child like persona justifies how he died a virgin death for a 30 year old man. (spoiler alert) His fight with Yuuki as a demon lord at the end raises a question whether he got reincarnated because of yuuki as a saviour. Rimuru’s idea on raising his monster companion on Japanese style will make anyone a quench for it.

Rimurus encounter with demon lords and royal king’s and establishing a nice country for trade and tourism will make a one’s mind kindred and yet i would like to see how the story board moves in manga when he kill a 10000 knights and Diabalo’s first appearance to the banquet of the 10 great demon lord ( i think i have spilled enough spoilers).

I will make my view on it once either the finish of the Demon lord Arc or Start of the Eastern empire arc i do not wish to spoil the readers on reading it first hand, Until then Caio…!@!.

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