12 Dungeon discovery

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BLCI Chapter12-Dungeon discovery

I was getting used to living with Platy.

「I found a dungeon.」

That’s what she told me out of the blue.

「Dungeon….? 」

What do you mean?

The one where you go underground to find treasure, fight monsters, and have bosses waiting for you at the bottom level?

It’s dangerous to think only in terms of preconceived notions instilled in the previous world, so I’ll listen carefully to Platy’s explanation here.

「I was exploring this area and I found it at the cove. It’s a cave type.」

「Exploring…! 」

Did you do that sometimes when I thought you were out of sight?

I mean, it’s necessary to explore around the habitat to get a good idea of what’s out there.

I was attacked by a horned boar as soon as I entered the mountains and I was so traumatized that I threw myself into working in the fields. Essentially, I’m the one who has to finish it before Platy came along.

It is somehow inadequate.

「So, what’s this dungeon thing? 」

「What, you don’t know anything about dungeons, do you Darling? 」

I was looked at with an incredulous stare.

… I can’t help it, after all, I’m an otherworlder.

Someone in this world has to tell me what they know about the world from the beginning.

I thought it would be troublesome to talk about it, so I kept it a secret, but now it struck me.

I have been summoned by the human king of this world.

If so, then the summoner from the other world is not a rare existence in this world and there is no need to keep it a secret.

So I decided to take the plunge and reveal a lot of things to Platy.

「Wow, Darling was a brave man! 」

After the explanation was finished, Platy looked gutted.

「A brave man? No, I….」

「The humans call a person summoned from another world a “brave man”, right? 」

Does the definition of a brave man in this world refer to a person who has been summoned from another world in general?

If that’s the case, does that mean I’m a brave man, too?

「The legal magic used by the human race has a way to summon braves from other worlds, right? But isn’t a brave man who fights a demon for the sake of the human race? 」

「I live in recluse here because I don’t like that kind of thing.」

「I love the way you live! I’m falling in love with my husband all over again! 」

I’m glad you’re saying that.

well the topic got off. The topic of discussion now is dungeons.

「Then, shall I give a lecture for Darling who is a beginner in this world? Let’s go! 」

「Go? Where? 」

「To the dungeon it would be quicker to see it in person than to explain it in a story, wouldn’t it? 」

Yes, indeed.

We decided to head to the dungeon after we had finished our field work for the day.

              *    *    *

「This is the dungeon? 」

It takes two hours on foot from our living area, the field area.

There was a dungeon in such close proximity.

「…it’s a cave.」

「Yeah, didn’t I tell you it’s a cave type.」

The cave was located in a corner of a raised rocky area by the sea.

It is the cave which is ordinary for an appearance.
If there is no explanation beforehand, we can only assume that it is just a hole made by the erosion of seawater.

However, in an intuitive part, the abnormality is biting.

The feeling of the stagnant air drifting from the entrance of the cave is quite extraordinary.

Let’s say, the invisible beast’s tongue is licking all over my face.

「It’s as if you could feel the strangeness of the dungeon first-hand. 」

Said Platy, who wasn’t too fazed.

She seems to have already gotten used to this feeling. That’s the people of this world.

「A dungeon can be a place where the flow of mana is pooled. The stagnant mana twists the space to create a different world. That underworld equivalent is a dungeon.」

It explains the theory of dungeons in the first place.

Mana… can I sensuously translate it into magical power, or spirit? Energy of the universe?

Anyway, such things flow and circulate around the world.

And in some places, the flow stops and stagnates. Such a place becomes a dungeon.

That’s why, apparently, the mana in the dungeon is highly concentrated, and as a result of the concentration, it reincarnates into a monster.

In other words in this world, dungeons are the place where monsters are born.

「The monsters born inside the dungeon will eventually overflow and go outside the dungeon. The monsters that roam the earth’s oceans are, without exception, from a dungeon somewhere.」

「Isn’t that dangerous」

「Of course. So a dungeon near a residential area is the biggest admiration for the residents. If we don’t take care of it and the monsters overflow, we’ll be in danger and the fields will be trashed.」

That’s a lot of work.

I might cry if a monster came out of this cave and devoured my carefully prepared vegetables.

「What are we supposed to do, Platy? Can’t we just crush this dungeon? 」

「You want to erase the dungeon itself? To do that, you have to change the flow of mana itself, so it’s a huge task. It’s more realistic to dive in and defeat monsters on a regular basis than that.」


「And you can get monster material.」


「Anyway, let’s dive in the dungeon. Let’s keep an eye on what’s going on inside and clean it up as we see fit.」

I guess by “clean up” you mean to defeat the monsters. It doesn’t even come together.

Well, if Platy’s right, it’s probably more efficient to wipe out all the people in the dungeon in one go than it is to overflow them in the wrong way.

More than anything else, my wife Platy is eager to dive, so I’m worried about letting her go by herself.

I can’t help it, so I’ll go with you.

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