Goblin Slayer

Part I

A Dark manga doesn’t revolve around a Demon lord (mao) or hero. It may be a surprise to see a manga with out defining a black and white story but the author made it quite awesome. A man’s determination and focus it’s something only a masters of human can achieve yet the MC exhibits it amazingly.

This manga didn’t gave name for it’s character their jobs are their names which makes it profound with the characters personality. The characters makes itself to be you according to the author. Mr. Goblin slayer hunts goblins not for a reward or living he hunts them to exterminate it, Killing of goblin slayer’s sister his one and only family before his eyes by the goblins in a cruel way made the start of his hatred towards Goblins and gave him a purpose in his life. Goblin slayers way of thinking is what made this manga a deemed success. He never deviates from his goal “to kill goblins” even though he gets peer pressure from his newly joined companions. the manga gives an impression as the world evolves on the roll of dice designed by gods for amusement and it partake of that he can deny the roll of dice and made his own path to kill goblins.

Goblin slayer will is to clear all the goblins from the world as much as he can, Doing so he mercilessly kills everything in his way as long as it’s regarding to goblins even he kills the goblin children because the likelihood for them to learn and grow to counteract human method or his method to kill goblins. he anticipates traps and ambush from goblins and he does the same to them without a bit of hesitation. He handles most cruel ways possible to kill goblins as long as the method proves effective. By only killing goblins he raise as silver level adventure and he gets an companion priest along on of his solo quest, and he began to teach her the ways he know to kill goblins.

Goblin slayer manga may seem a bit ruthless to some, but for those who can a praise a persons concentration and making every nook and cranny of knowledge to his purpose. goblin slayer’s presence of mind and his out of the box thinking is what keeps the reader’s on tip of the toe for the next issue.

i will continue my review furthermore detailed on next post and a review for chapter 34 on or before march 29, Until then ciao.

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