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BLCI Chapter 19 -Equipment

In terms of results, the dismantling of the horned boar went more smoothly than expected.

That’s because the Holy Sword played a big part.

After draining the horned boar, the skin is peeled off and the intestines are removed then made into only meat.
It was originally a monster, so its corpse is quite strong it takes a lot of work to carve it out but that’s only if you use an ordinary blade.

With the Holy Sword it’s already easy to cut.

Not only the skin and meat, but also the bones. You can slash without putting any effort into it.

No matter how much you cut you will never tire, Surprising sharpness.

What’s more like a holy sword, it has a holy blessing and doesn’t get dirty or smelly! .

A holy sword of this magnificence is now available at an astonishing price…!

…I thought but I will not sell it.

I felt like someone was mad at me, so I didn’t do this.

Anyway, thanks to the holy sword the horned boar is turning into mere meat as you see it. Platy will take care of the meat when it is finished.

She took out her magic potion and sprinkled it on the dismembered flesh.

Then, the surface of the butcher meat freezes white before you know it, and eventually it freezes to the core.

You mean cryopreservation?

One after another, the frozen butchered meat was loaded onto carts and driven down the mountain road.

The wagon was made by Platy just before we entered the mountain, using scraps of remaining building materials.

Platy had thought about and prepared a lot of things up to this point.

Anyway, we accomplished our goal and headed down the mountain in high spirits.

              *    *    *

Now that I’ve got a lot of meat, I’m going to change my perspective and talk about something else.

This is a continuation of the story “Let’s make metal products! “

I made a kiln, heated the metal, beat it with a hammer, and made a frying pan out of the mana metal I received from my teacher.

It’s the first homemade ironware in our house.

But there was still a lot of mana metals and I continued to manufacture all sorts of things.

The first thing I made was a pot-type cooking utensil that followed the frying pan.

Large pot, medium pot, soup pot to wok. You can do most of the cooking with this much.

That is, if you can get the ingredients.

I also beat a small knife for fine work and prepared a new kitchen knife for cooking.

After all, a kitchen knife forged of rare metal can be better for cooking than a ragged knife I bought at the Royal capital for two and a half yen.
When I tried out my new knife, it cut well, it cut well.

It’s like a cutting board.

It doesn’t put a lot of strain on your hands, the food you cut doesn’t stick to the blade, and it doesn’t get dirty or smelly!

The price of a kitchen knife of this size is…!

…… So is this good?

Because of this, I decided to renew the iron products I bought from the royal capital with mana metal.

I decided to replace all the hoes, harpoons, saws, hacksaws, and shovels with mana-metal ones.

『Supreme Bearer』 is at work in every job and it is a very good one.

When I tried to plough an untouched plateau with my new mana-metal hoe, an area equivalent to a rice field was turned into cultivated land at once with a single swing.

Even with the 『Supreme Bearer』effect included, it was still a magic item.

My place where I live is steadily developing in terms of facilities like that.

I’ve got a lot of horned boar meat, and I’ve got a good stockpile of food.

We used to keep them together in the hut where we were sleeping, but maybe it’s time we got a dedicated larder.

「Hey, let’s build another shed. Dedicated to preserving food! 」

Platy gave me the same suggestion.

「Let’s not make it of wood, but with stone or bricks that are sturdy and airtight! I’m going to use my potion to cool it down and make it last longer! 」

It’s a big refrigerator?

With Platy there, my level of living seems to be as good as it was in the previous world.

「I mean, darling! You haven’t cooked Square Boar meat yet!? I’m already bursting at the seams with anticipation.」

If you’re just full of heart, you won’t be hungry.

Aside from such a joke, I’m actually troubled about the treatment of the square bore, which I arbitrarily call a horned boar.

It’s about that recipe.

A wild boar is a pig.

The most delicious way to cook the pig is with a pork cutlet.

I’d like to eat the horned boar as a deep-fried pork cutlet with a crispy batter, too.

This otherworldly frontier life.

There are a number of things that are missing from making a tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet).

There is an overwhelming shortage of ingredients for batter.
First, the breadcrumbs and eggs.

Should the bread flour be made from wheat?

Wheat was completely out of my mind and I hadn’t grown it, and even if I did get wheat from 『Supreme Bearer』, I would still have to grind it up and make it into flour, then bread, then breadcrumbs.

Even if I could get breadcrumbs, I don’t know where to get eggs.

「Hey Platy, is there a custom in this world to eat bird eggs? 」

「Bird eggs? I hear they do that among land people, but I’ve never seen them in mermaid country.」

Why do you ask that? Platy wondered, so I explained to her that if we had a chicken egg, we could make a dish that would make the meat of wild boar as delicious as possible.

「Let’s go into the mountain dungeon again! There’s a bird-shaped monster in the mountain dungeon and maybe one that lays delicious eggs! 」

Are we going to resort to dungeons again?

I don’t mind, but it looks dangerous and scary to enter a dungeon.

「’…uh, yeah.」

This time, it turns out that the mountain where the horned boar has been haunting is also a dungeon.

「Isn’t there a Lord like Teacher in that mountain dungeon? If there is, I definitely don’t want to meet him…! 」

「It’s okay. The dungeon that have a lord is rare at the very beginning. It’s a super dangerous dungeon just because the Lord is here. Not to mention the fact that there’s a dungeon just around the corner where the teacher is the main player. The dungeon Lord’s are so dense that I can’t stand it! 」

「So there you have it.」

「’Well, I heard that dragons nest in mountain-type dungeons. Maybe the dungeon lord dragon will get angry and attack us for trashing their territory? 」

「don’t frighten me.」

“Ha-ha-ha-ha” we both had a laugh.

Later, I would have to have a serious discussion with her about the phenomenon of flags.

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