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Opening Ch00

Let’s buy land and build a farm in another world Chapter 00

consist of 3 pages for easy reading not a small chapter

He was summoned to a different world.
The scenery in front of me changed completely the next moment when I tried to get on a crowded train going to work for the company livestock life which didn’t happen today.

Such a feeling.
On the way, the last place where I went through here is something like different dimension.
What is it a stone building like medieval Europe.
Judging from the interior decoration and the luxury of making it, it is a castle more and more in the vicinity where an old man who seem to be a king is sitting on the stage which is set up one step higher.

「In response to the summons, the brave men who came from superior other world!!」
After all, it is summoning to another world.
Judging from the King way of talking, it might be magic or something by their own hands.
Anyway, I was summoned to this world with some intention related to the interests of the people who live here.

「Then, I’ll have you know your extent of skill as soon as possible.」
With my bewilderment in the rest, the king of the other world started to talk sharply.
Several people of the Shinto priesthood-like dress begin to run by a signal of the King.
They surrounded a boy who looked like a high school student standing next to me, not me.

Who’s that brother?
I finally noticed here, that I wasn’t the only person who was summoned to another world in the room.
Ten people, including me. From the looks of their clothes, I could see at a glance that they weren’t the original resident of this world.
The priests surrounded each and every other visitor from the other world and cast some spells.

「…… H!? The possession skill of this hero is 『goddess’s scythe +2』!! Rare skill!!」
「splendid…! This summon is a good harvest! 」
The king on the throne nodded to the report with satisfaction.
In such a tone, the priests surrounded each person, held their hands, cast spells, and repeatedly reported, 「the skill of this one」
And finally, my turn came around.

「I will read your status than brave man, Please help me with this.」
「Oh, no, it’s okay Thank you for your work.」
Because of the long black company life, my manner becomes polite anytime, anywhere.
She judged that I gave the consent. The priests held their hands to me in exactly the same order as they had done before, and began to cast spells. The priests held their hands to me in exactly the same order as they had done before, and began to cast spells.
Thereupon, it seems the letter and the number appear in my head somehow.

【NAME】 Itonami Norio (Man)
【 RACE 】another world human
【 SEX 】Male
【 JOB 】 unconfirmed
【 Lv 】1
【Possession skills】 None

…… What’s this?
Is it a so-called parameter?
This is my resume in this world, isn’t it?
Numbers floats in my head, but it seems to be visible to the priests.
There is only one item they are paying attention to.

The priests, with their bitter faces, reported to the king.
「Your Majesty, The skill of this brave man is 『None』」
「『None 』What do you mean? 」
「This hero has no skills.」
「what’s that? What the…….! 」
The king’s really disappointed expression was very impressive.

After the ceremony was completed in this way, it became a briefing.
「I am the Eighteenth King of the Human Country, Genesis.」
The king looks down from the top of the throne.
Summoned person from other worlds, including me, stand side by side and listen to the king’s words.

「This world is at stake after hundreds of years of war with the Demons, the soldiers continued to die and the national goods were in dire state. So we decided to summon a hero with more special powers than the other world and get help. That’s what you’re here.」
Told us in a hopeful voice.

「The different world people are given more special powers than the great God as they cross into this world. That is called skill. Skills are not inherent in those born in this world, it is a blessing from God.」
Were the priests before the moment doing it to each person to see it?
「We call you heroes because you have the skills that came from other worlds. That’s all then」

Were we heroes?
The reaction of ten men and women who are told so is different. Some were bewildered, and some were blinded by their apparent fulfilment of hero aspirations.

「There are various skills and because of this, the Shinto priests were asked to read the parameters and check the skills that each of them had. This time, the harvest was quite high, and I was very satisfied. It is the strongest skill 『Goddess Scythe +2』 that the superior demon clan can be defeated with one blow! 」
With these words, the king pointed to a high school girl among the ten of us.

He looked like a girl of his age and seemed pretty and frank, but his expression was probably more confused when he was suddenly called to such a place.
「Other people have very useful skills. We will provide an environment in which you can make the most of your skills, and we hope that all of you can contribute to our country! 」
「May I have your attention? 」
I raised my hand.
It was common sense to not interrupt the king’s story, but I judged that I had no time to take it easy.

「What is it……? 」
King Seemed never would have suspected such as is said something from the side of a different world people
「To put the king’s story overall, we assume that we were called with the power for that skill. But I was told by the priest’s earlier I have no skill.」
『No skill』person
I’m also making sure that it’s clearly written in the parameters that floated.
「I don’t know why that happened, but I don’t have skills. Therefore, I may not be useful to you. Therefore……! 」
「Would you like to send me back to my original world? I can’t do that」

…… No, I don’t really hope that.
I don’t want to go back to that company’s life.
「We have the magic to summon more than one hero from different world, but there is no magic that will return one to the original world.」
「Such!?」 「Don’t joke!!」 several of the summoned peopled shouted.
Each person has their own regrets in earth.
「It is said that the magic is possessed by the demon king, the head of the demon family. Therefore the ask thou diligent to fight against the demon king force 」

「It’s impossible for me without skill.」
I say it again.
「I cannot fight against the enemy because there is not a skill useful. How about this king, could you give me some land?」
「「”What land?” 」」
「It can be a wasteland far from the city. I want to cultivate the soil there and live quietly alone.」
「The reaction was slow, but I didn’t miss the king’s nostrils swelling with all his strength.」
Inwardly, I wonder how to get rid of me without skill.
「… Let’s do it. We who summoned you without a notice in the first place also have some burden. You have to listen to a little bit of my own」
Is it quantity?

「but you are from different world, Land is not so easy to give. It is given as a reward to the person who is originally successful. If I break that order, my qualities as king will be doubtful」
「I understand it」
「How about this? Ten gold coins will be given as preparations for making a living in this world.」
Other summoned people are also roaring at the completion of the words.
Well, it’s nice to be able to get money without working anyone.
「How about buying more land with ten of those gold coins? 」
「It’s a great place to go. However, it is not possible to prepare anything by receiving only the land, because it is troublesome, so how about leaving only one gold coin at hand, and applying nine pieces of gold coins to the land fee? 」
「Well, I’ll leave it up to you」
The negotiations were concluded.

In this way, I bought land in a different world and decided to live in it.
Other summoned people follow the directions of the Kingdom to work in an environment where they can demonstrate their skills.
For some reason, I don’t think I’ll ever see them again.
Aside from that, let’s enjoy Second Life in a different world that has come down with great effort.
My name is Itonami Kio.
I was a corporate slave in my previous world
Even though I came to a fantasy different world with great pains, I called himself Norio and it turned white without getting on the atmosphere.
So, that’s right…….
I changed the way I read Norio……..
Let’s call myself kidan

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