Mountain boar again

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BLCI Chapter18- Mountain boar again

「Hey, seriously, is there really a Square bore in the mountains? Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? 」

Platy, who accompanied me into the mountain was very strange.

In the early days of my pioneer life, I went into the mountains on an expedition and was met with a rough welcome by a mountain beast.

Out came a wild boar with two pairs of horns growing on its head.

It was a fantasy creature that couldn’t have been in the world I was from.

Ever since that guy almost killed me, I’ve avoided going into the mountains out of fear, but I think it’s time to try again.

Now I have a dependable companion named Platy, and I also have a main weapon called the Holy Sword.

I won’t be as shabby as last time.


「square boa ♪ square boar ♪」

And Platy, who is accompanying me today, is ecstatic.

Based on my experience and her knowledge, it seems that the horned boar I met last time is definitely a monster called Square Boar.

It is boar-shaped with the two pairs of horns growing out of its head as its largest feature.

I was right in thinking that the square bore is named after the two horns and the tips of the tusks, which a wild boar would have originally had, and when you connect them, you get a square.

It is said that some adventurers enter the dungeons with their eyes on the monster, which is considered to be a very delicious food.

「…… there’s a lot of good use of the world’s monsters.」

The monsters I killed in my teacher’s cave dungeon the other day are also carefully kept, including skins and bones.

Speaking of which………..

「Monsters are born in dungeons, aren’t they? I wonder if Square Boa was also born in the teacher’s dungeon. 」

And then he escaped the dungeon and took up residence in the mountains, didn’t he?

「No, it’s not. The teacher is the one who is firmly in control of the dungeon as the dungeon lord. I can assure you that there are no stragglers, as much as He’ll just say, 『’I don’t put out the monster who was born there,’ 』so I can assure you there’s no missing person.」

「That’s the way it is….」

「Besides, teacher’s dungeon is a cave type, right? Caves don’t spawn square bores, if it comes out, it’s a mountain type.」

「What, is that…? 」

I wonder if there is a separate dungeon from the teacher’s dungeon, and the square boar came from there.

「I mean, here.」

「Here? What? 」

「It’s a dungeon. It’s a dungeon, this mountain.」

Far from being a drift, it was a stronghold

No way!

It’s a dungeon, this mountain?

「It’s not even a day’s walk from the teacher’s dungeon…. It’s unusual for a mana pool to be this close.」

「Are we in trouble? Should we think about moving? 」

「It would be dangerous if you were a normal person, but it doesn’t matter to you.」

Platy said, as if she had the utmost confidence in me.

「A dungeon is just a hunting ground for a person as strong as you. there are two of them in the neighbourhood, and I don’t mean to say that they’re good property」

「I’m not strong …..!」

「Humble yourself again.」

「The only reason I’m able to fight against monsters is because of『Supreme Bearer』.」

It’s not a matter of my own ability or effort.

We have to keep that in mind and never become complacent….

「If you say something like that, I’m there as fast as I can.」

As I was heading up the mountain road with thick grass and trees, I saw a number of eyes looking down from the direction I was going.

There are at least ten or twenty of them.

It was a familiar look in the eyes of a fierce horned boar.

「This time we have a group here! 」

「At last we meet, a feast on earth! 」

Fear and joy.

Platy and my reaction was beautifully differentiated.

「I’m going to knock you down one by one, darling! Make sure you tighten it as cleanly as possible so you can eat the meat! 」

「Don’t make the conditions for natural elimination so strict! 」

Is it a monster instinct that the horned boars attack us as soon as they see us?

They’re meat eaters in the first place?

Are they going to come after us and eat us?

When I half-heartedly asked Platy about it, she said, 「No」.

They just want to rush in and run over anyone who moves and kill them.

It’s annoying.

If they’re that annoying, there’s no room for pity.

I’ll slaughter every last one of you and make you a delicious meal!

              *    *    *

「…the holy sword was bloodthirsty today.」

No, I don’t know if the Holy Sword is really bloodthirsty or not.

I had been instructed by Platy 「do not to hurt them too much」, so I used the Holy Sword to crack his cerebrum and kill him with a single blow.

I repeated it eighteen times.

Eighteen horned boar carcasses were lying around us.

I’ve become accustomed to calling it a horned boar, so I don’t need the official name “square boa” anymore.

There are also horned wild boar that was killed by Platy’s magic potion, which together makes a total of about twenty-five animals.

There were a few others, but they ran away in the middle of the hunt.

I wish they wouldn’t have attacked me instead of running away.

I’ll get rid of the sparks. The law of the fittest.

Both are ironclad laws of nature.

Let us follow the law and eat the life we have killed with our own hands to the fullest.

「The meat of my dreams! The meat of the beasts on the land! 」

Platy dances in front of the meat.

She’s also very happy to eat all the vegetables and dishes I’ve cooked for her, she’s an insatiable mermaid.

Anyway, when it comes to eating good food, there is one thing you have to do first.


The horned boar that I killed, I have to separate the usable part from the unavailable part, and treat the usable part firmly to prevent damage.


We processed 25 of them.

In hindsight, I’ve killed too much.

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  1. Thanks.You translating this WN brings me a smile.
    there are over 500 chapters now but I’ve read all of them including up to date ones with Google translate on Ncode syosetsu so i was thankful that you decided to translate this.
    p.s. Jk brave in another world starts as a gaiden from another POV. and it starts around chapter 100+ in the original WN . You’ll know when but makes no mention of her to MC’s POV.
    Thanks for translating.

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