Water issues

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Buy the land and cultivate isekai chapter 4 – Water issues

The most important thing in life.


I’ve heard that a person can live more than a week without food, but without water one can’t last less than three days.

As I continued my reclaimed life, securing drinking water was the most important priority.

After building a house on the spot and securing a base for daily life, we should consolidate the water supply next time.

In order to water the crops that have sprouted for me right away, my next goal is to get water!

              *    *    *

It’s Solved.

I’ve spoken first from the conclusion, but let’s talk about it in order from the beginning.

First of all, I tried to get water from where it stand out most to my eye.

It’s the sea.

The land I settled in faces the sea.

Mother sea.

The sea is mother.

A wave that draws in and out. The waves are really water.

The sea is itself a source of water in its infinity! Yes, the ocean is an inexhaustible source of water in itself!

…and then some of you will think, “Hey, wait a minute.”

Water from the sea water. In other words, seawater is salt water.

It is very not suitable to use as drinking water.

I’m aware of that. However, the sea is too huge to leave it without doing anything.

Can’t we, somehow use the inexhaustible seawater for drinking and domestic use?

That’s why I decided to try a lot of things.

The first thing I thought of was distillation.

Seawater is heated and boiled, steam and impurities are separated and cooled to produce fresh water.

Well, it’s a lot of trouble just to imagine, but you might as well try it at least once.

Fortunately, the pot is in the set of tools I had bought from the capital.

Fill it with seawater. Heat it over the fire…

But how do you collect boiling steam?

you need to start a fire in the first place?

As I was mulling things over, my interest suddenly shifted to one thing.

Seawater pumped into a pot.

I’ve just put it on the fire and waited for it to boil, but how salty is the sea water?

I’m not sure I’ve ever gone swimming in the original world, but that was a long time ago, and I didn’t even try to drink the dirty sea water of the original world.

But this sea is clear and beautiful.

I feel like I’m going to take a sip to try…

and I took a sip of the sea-water in the pot with my hand.

「”… yes!?”」


Did i lose my tongue ?

I scooped up another sip of seawater to confirm, and brought it to my mouth.

「……I knew it.」

It’s not salty at all!

It’s pure water!

It’s just water!

What does that mean, it’s saltwater, right?

「Is it possible that seawater isn’t salt water over here?」

It’s not an impossible one .

This is a different world, completely different from the one I used to live in.

There are things that are commonplace over there that are not so common over here.

I looked down at the fresh water in my hand.

… what?


I scooped up the water with my hands.

Hasn’t this hand performed many unbelievable miracles since yesterday?

You can display your skills on a master level according to the tools you hold.

If you touch the soil, it sprouts a crop without even sowing a seed.

The hand in which『Supreme Bearer』, a gift from God dwells .

「Then if I touch the sea-water…!」

I tried pouring sea water directly into my mouth from the pot without using my hands.

「Oh! Shoot!? what the hell !?」

It’s bitter!

It’s salty!

I coughed in reflex, spitting out all the seawater in my mouth.

「But it’s clear now ………!!」

It wasn’t this world, it was me.

It was my hand.

The 『Supreme Bearer』in my hand had turned the touched seawater into excellent drinking water!

「..What’s the all-powerful thing? 『Supreme Bearer』’….?!」


Aren’t you a little too enthusiastic about building skills?

It is a skill like that. Something beyond that?

It’s a skill. In the name of a gift from God.

It’s only natural that it’s as versatile as this.

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              *    *    *

Well, this is how the drinking water problem was solved easily.

You also need water to sprinkle the fields, so you can manually boil the water in a pot and replace it with a tub.

It is strange that the water turns into fresh water.

The work is tedious and hard, but I don’t have the luxury of saying so. But if you imagine the process of boiling fresh water, you’ll probably be extravagant because it’s obvious that it’s much more troublesome.

When I had finished transferring all the seawater from the pot, there was a thin layer of white stuff sticking to the bottom.


Water and minerals that make up seawater.

『Supreme Bearer』 has broken it all up just by touching it.

Salt is also salinity, which is a must for people to live.

After thoroughly drying, scrape off the bottom of the pot and get the salt.

The fields have been watered, and things are going well.

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