The First Feast.

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BLCI Chapter_22 The First Feast.

This dragon raid fiasco.
After listening to the conversation and judging it comprehensively, I think that I’m the worst person in the world.

Because I took the liberty of stepping into a dungeon that was controlled by that dragon and killing the monster and taking its corpse away.

And there are many.

If that’s what made them angry, then we’ll have to make some kind of a deal with them, too.

「Platy Get me some horned boar meat from the pantry for one 」

Platy’s requested larder had already been built and was filled with wild boar meat from the mountain dungeon, vegetables harvested from the field, and fish from the sea.

「Are you going to… do it? 」

「Yeah, well I guess so」

I decided to cook for the dragon.

It’s the meat of a monster originally caught from her dungeon. What a hindrance it would be to get the Dungeon Master to eat it.

That said, progress has not yet been made on the variety of seasoning available, and what can be made is limited.

I decided to cut the thawed wild boar meat into reasonably thin slices and pan fry it.

Add salt and pepper, season with garlic, and finish cooking.

It is a pork steak.

No, it’s not a pig, but a wild boar. More to the point, though, it’s a monster boar.

Speaking of a steak, beef is originally the mainstream not pork. The food was full of tweaks in every respect.

However, considering the current lack of seasonings, I think this is the best menu that we can put together with what we have.

『…what is this? 』

The dragon looks at the pork steak on a wooden plate and wonders.

『what shall I do with such a small piece of meat? I can’t put away my appetite at this rate?』


What I’ve just given you is a standard size for humans. It was a size ratio that was no substitute for gum for a dragon that was far more massive than a human.

『It would be impolite to refuse what was offered to me, so let’s just put it in your mouth. . . . . I’ll pretend it’s not good.』

Muttering something devious, the dragon dexterously pinches the plate with his fingertips and throws the pork steak into his mouth, just as if he were gulping down a bottle of alcohol with a boar.

It was right after I was worried that it was going to burn the mouth from eating like that.

『Oh, my』

I got more reaction than I expected.

『”YUMMY! YUMMY! Delicious! What’s this? Delicious! 』

『Oh, do you have one for me? 』

A calm teacher next to a frenzied dragon.

「Sure, you were very helpful to me the other day …」

I made another plate at least as a token of my gratitude, but was it too early?

After all, the undead……..can they eat food?

If you think about it normally, they can’t eat it It’s already dead.

He just ate it.

『Well, this is delicious! 』

He smacked his lips naturally.

『The meat is cooked very well, but most of all the seasoning is good. There are some condiments that we have never seen before. No one in the royal court could serve such a thing.』

It was over praise.

Well…… I wondered if maybe, there’s no such thing as pepper or seasoning in this world or is it garlic?

The 『Supreme Bearer』 made sure they were cooked to the best of their ability and I’m glad everyone enjoyed them.

「Darling! Steak for me, for me! 」

Platy was also faithful to her appetite and was out of control.

Hai Hai, I’ll make you a new one now just give me a minute.

『Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy! 』

And the dragon is annoying.

It’s nice to be happy, but there’s a limit to what you can do.

And then suddenly, the dragon’s body started to glow.

「What? 」

Oi Oi, I don’t think there’s any reaction art that shines when it’s delicious in this world either I wondered, but apparently not so much.

The shining dragon’s body shrinks as it emits light.

「What? What’s going on? 」

『This is not possible…? 』

We have to leave the explanation to the only person who can figure out what’s going on, sensei.

The amount of knowledge we’ve accumulated over a thousand years as undead is now revealed!

『You’re becoming human? 』

「Humanized? 」

And so on, the light emitted from the shrinking dragon gradually subsides.

And after the light disappeared completely, what was left was a smaller dragon. ……..but she was a human woman.

「What? 」

And she’s extremely beautiful.

She was a beautiful, aristocratic-looking girl in a gorgeous dress. Her wispy, voluminous silver hair is the same colour as those dragon scales.

「Oh, what the hell are you…? 」

When I asked the beautiful girl fearfully, she replied.

「What do you mean? I am the great Grinzel dragon Vielle. Did you have failed to recognize my face? 」

I didn’t forget!

Even if you don’t forget it, it won’t make sense if the original changes completely!!

The dragon turned into a girl.

I don’t think you can understand what I’m saying, but if I tell you exactly what happened, it’s true.

It’s just becoming a fantasy!

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