Goblin slayer cover

Goblin slayer ch- 35

An Unprecedented assailant

This chapter tried to convey the readers there’s a possibility of romantic relationship with goblin slayer for nearly 6 pages and even on previous two chapters. It showed the compassion the priest girl have for him and the raw feeling of guild girl and his past reminiscence, for all the lost soul he had buried in his anguishing heartfelt memories.

I had thought goblin’s will likely ambush the ceremony as when a horde of goblins with a goblin lord attacked the village. when a mysterious creature tried to assault goblin slayer I guessed it will be a goblin trained by someone to kill goblin slayer as expected he had foreseen the attempt and saved the guild girl. He safe guarded her and begin his survival fight.

Guild girl missing short knife
Guild girl saved

As a candle in the wind my expectation were blown of to withering, when the guild girl identified the assassin to be an Dark elf. Goblin slayer didn’t finch on surprise made haste to charge on the dark elf. he evaded the dark elf’s poison throw knife and set up a trap to counter the assassin’s advantage. He killed the dark elf in more of a goblin slayer way.

What will be the up coming chapters dosage for goblin slayer fans ?

Will we see the story to progress more on other elements other than goblins. i would like to see the tale move on that direction without losing the sense of goblin slayers single concentrated character.

thank you very much for patronage

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