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The Immortal King

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BLCI Chapter 14- The Immortal King.

No Life King.

It is the worst of the worst threats in this world.

The non-dead an undead who re-emerges from the dead against the logic of nature. It is said that at the top of the list of No-Life King is the immortal king.

A great mage or high priest with high magical power and intelligence has become undead by his own will, and has become an eternal being.

The reluctance of the immortals. who has enough magic power to become undead at will.

In addition to that, it has gained eternal life from an imitation, and the intelligence it has accumulated over time is no more than that of a mere human being.

No life king, the immortal king, brought together all these troubles.

The only strong person who can compare to that is the dragon.

In this world, meeting a dragon or a no-life king meant death.

*    *    *

That’s the explanation Platy told me about the no-life king

Such a bad guy was using this dungeon as a base.

Stepping into the bottom level of the dungeon where the No-Life King awaits is, of course, super dangerous.

No, it is danger the level that we can only step in if we do not care about dying by all means.

You can’t run away even if you want to.

After all, this is the deepest part of the dungeon where he is based.

There is no way we can escape being targeted by the No-Life King, who is far superior to humans in terms of ability and intelligence.

The only thing we can do is to stand up to it with all our might.

It’s the only chance you do for surviving in the unlikely event that you have.

That’s why we fought as hard as we could.

And I won.

              *    *    *

「How did we win? 」

We’re the ones who are more surprised when we fight for the victory!

That was pretty easy to beat the world’s worst threat!

How the hell did this happen?

『It’s not because of the sword in your hands, is it? 』

The defeated No-Life King had his hands up in the air in a ‘give in’ pose.

He’s a zombie by nature, and I think I didn’t felt like I was in a great shape before I fought him.

More than that………..

「What? A sword? 」

You mean the sword I scavenged locally in this dungeon?

It was also the main weapon in this fight with No Life King, though.

『What are you surprised at? you want to kill me the Immortal King, that’s why you’ve prepared the holy sword didn’t you. 』

Sacred sword? This one!

No, no, no!

It’s just a scavenged find!?

I picked it up near the entrance, but how could a holy sword drop so randomly?

『Hmmm…? Wait a minute.』

Mr. No-Life King turned on his heel and retreated to the back of the room, and began snooping around the miscellaneous area.

『As expected, its gone』

「What? What? 」

『I had a holy sword in my possession. I thought you looked familiar, but you’ve found your Lord, and you’ve came with him.』


『The Holy Sword is a sword that has its own will. They choose their own Lord for the righteousness of the battle. You’ve been chosen by the Holy Sword.』

Saying that, the Immortal King kneeled down from himself.

『Now that the Holy Sword has gained the Lord, my role in this world ends today. I ask you to pierce me with your sword. Even my body, which is cursed with immortality, can be cleansed with the light of the holy sword.』

「Even if you say that…! 」

I didn’t know what to do.

When I turned my eyes to Platy in the background for help, she waved my coat, saying, 「I can’t handle it.」

So you’re telling me to make my own decision.

But this No-Life King dude (?). He seems like a nice guy who you can relate to when you meet him face to face.

I don’t want to kill them for no good. No, it’s already dead.

「Uh…. maybe, but I’m not the real Lord of this holy sword.」

『What? 』

「I came from a different world but at that time God gave me an ability…」

I briefly explained that if I pick up any object I could become a master of anything I had.

「…….So I think this holy sword in only being handled foully by the power of the Gift as well. I’m not the true master of this thing. I’m sorry I took it out without permission, but I’ll return it back.」

And I offered the holy sword.

But No Life King’s response was exceptional again.

『I see… with the magic of summoning a hero…! However, such an extraordinary ability is no longer within the scope of skill… isn’t this the gift of the gods as told by the legends! 』

It’s some honorific word.

『A summoner who receives a gift from a god can no longer be called a brave man. ……..Holy One. Are you a saint? 』

「Why do you keep moving up in rank? 」

『Oh, my saint! I am sorry if I had known! I’m so sorry to have you come to such a place…! I’ll give you my best hospitality later in a while. 』

King of the undead said by having himself prostrated on the floor.

What the hell is going on here?

Me and Platy who was accompanying me, were dumbfounded.

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  1. Lately, I coincidentally reading novels where MC got a Lich King-type undead as a follower~

    I wonder why~?


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