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BLCI Chapter17- Blacksmithing.

Fire is essential for making metal products such as iron.

This is to melt the minerals and strike them.

Therefore a facility that makes safe and efficient use of the fire needed to make metal products.

I decided to build a kiln.

That said, there is no need for such a large kiln.

Minerals dug out of the ground must first be treated at high temperatures to remove impurities and refine them into pure metal that can be used in products and larger furnaces are needed if this is the case.

However, the mana metal that we are going to process is a fantasy metal made by condensing mana in a dungeon.

It is 100% pure from the beginning, so there is no need to refine it.

So why not take advantage of it?

There have been many times in the past when I have felt frustrated by the fact that I wanted to do a lot of things on the frontier, but didn’t have the tools I needed.

In such a case, it was usually iron products that were not at hand and inconvenienced.

I also thought of a way to buy, back at the royal capital but the royal capital from here is a month away one way, and I also forgot what way to go back.

Most of all, once I’ve started living on the frontier I don’t want to go back to the royal capital and get involved with the people there again.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Therefore, this idea is permanently rejected.

Be that as it may.

A stable supply of iron products is inevitable for the improvement of the frontier life in the future.

Now is the time to tackle the task that I thought I would have to take on at some point.

              *    *    *

So, it’s time to build a kiln.

Pick up stones of a suitable size, stack them up, and fill the gaps with clay to make them solid.

Then I made a dome shape and completed the kiln.

Well, I feel like it’s a simple prototype, and I plan to use this experience to create a number of larger, more functional kilns.

It would be nice to have a kiln not only for blacksmithing work, but also for cooking, charcoal making, and pottery.

My fantasies are growing, but now I’m making hardware.

I put firewood into the made simple kiln and lit it immediately.

It burned more bobo than I thought it would.

In addition to the firewood as fuel, I added some of Platy’s burning agent, but did it work?

I asked her what she used to make it, and she said that it made by adding magic to the peppers grew in the spice field.

That’s right, Capsicum annuum…

Now that the temperature has risen sufficiently, put the appropriate amount of cut mana metal into it and heat it.

How I cut it out was by using the Holy Sword.

It’s a shame that I felt so bad about the holy sword that I didn’t want to use it.

The heated mana metal is beaten with a hammer to shape it…..

And what we got was…..

「Frying pan! Complete! 」

It was a frying pan.

Actually, I’ve been wanting a frying pan for a long time!

Since coming to this world, the only cooking utensil I have owned is a single all-purpose skillet.

I thought this would be enough when I bought it at the royal capital, but the longer I lived on the frontier the more I wanted to open up a new repertoire of dishes and the more I wanted a variety of cooking utensils.

When I became able to make metal products, the first thing I did was to create this frying pan.

Moreover, it is made of mana metal.

To test its performance, I fired up the newly completed Mana Metal frying pan.

After skimming the oil and heating it sufficiently, I chopped and threw in a few vegetables that Ora had grown in the field.

Seasoned with salt and pepper…!

「Fried vegetables! 」

It is a simple dish, but it is a new stage of stir-fry after roasting and boiling.

My frontier life has taken a new turn here.

「 Ugh You’re a pain in the ass. What’s all the fuss? 」

Platy, who has been holed up in her room, preparing a potion, also comes to visit.

「…or rather, it smells good? What is it? New food? If you used that delicious vegetable as an ingredient, it’s delicious no matter how it’s cooked! Let’s see.」

Platy, took a bite of sautéed cabbage, tenderized to a crisp.

「Deli———————-cious」 I don’t know what to say.

A loud reaction came.

「The vegetables, which were delicious just by chewing them raw can be doubled in taste just by cooking them!. Husband, who are you that can cook such delicious food? 」

「I’m glad you’re pleased.」

I can become a professional cook if I hold the cooking utensils by the『Supreme Bearer』effect.

But this time, in addition to that, the equipment was good.

This Mana Metal frying pan heats up better than a normal iron, but never gets hotter than it needs to be, and helps me cook as if it had my attention.

The oil stains came off with just a little brushing, and there was no scorching right after I made the oil.

If this is the effect of the mana metal, then it’s a dream metal.

I can only thank my teacher for letting me have it as a souvenir.

「But the more tools you have, the more you want to use them, that’s human nature.」

The ingredients you have at hand – vegetables alone – will inevitably limit your menu.

The oil used for the stir-fry was also a side product of Platy’s making fish fertilizer, which is not suitable for cooking.

Platy was happy to eat it, but I’m not happy about it myself.

After all, I want to get oil from plants or animals.

「……… alright」

I’ve made up my mind.

「I’m going back into the pile to make more delicious dishes with this frying pan. And we’ll hunt a lot of mountain beasts and get some meat! 」

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4 thoughts on “Blacksmithing.

  1. Furnace for heating, glassworking
    Kiln for drying wood, firing ceramics and glass (sagging and glazes)
    Forge for metalsmithing of any kind

    They are all ovens (cooking, industrial material heating), but the jargon term and design varies with purpose.


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