A souvenir

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BLCI Chapter 16 – A souvenir

This is how we finished our dungeon search in peace.

I’m concerned about the state of the field, so I’m going to leave now.

「The materials for the monsters I defeated are a bit too much, and I don’t think I can bring them back all at once. Is it okay if I take only the meat and other fast-footed things home and keep the rest? 」

Platy has a nice touch.

It seems that the use of various attack potion during dungeon capture was also a consideration to bring back materials after defeating them.

Blow away the useless monsters with the flaming potion.

The monsters that can be made into delicious, edible meat are frozen with freezing potion.

In addition, rare monsters with valuable materials can be paralyzed by electric shocks and left alive and unable to act.

What a cheeky wife. My wife is such good-naturedly!

『 You should take this with you, too. 』

The teacher offered something to me.

It looks like a metallic lump………

「Is this mana metal? I can’t believe we’re getting such a precious thing! 」

Platy was surprised and overjoyed.

You’re just like a country grandpa to bring me so many souvenirs on the way home, sir.

『Mana metal is born in excess in my dungeon. If you run out, you can come back for more.』

He was a generous no-life king.

…Oh, yeah.

Speaking of bringing it back……….

「’Master, I’ll return this holy sword to you. It was originally here, and…」

I offer the holy sword that was still in my hand.

『No, the sword recognizes you as its user. In that case, I’d say you’re the rightful owner.』

The teacher is just saying that please put it down, but it is unexpected.

The holy sword is a useless item for me, who aims for a slow life in the other world.

It was rather scary to keep such a thing at hand and get the qualifications to say, 「You are the one who is brave enough to defeat the Demon King.」

「So, I want to leave the Holy Sword in this dungeon at all costs.」

『Hmmm…. well, in that case, I’ll take care of it myself.』

The teacher looked a little sorry and accepted the holy sword.



「What the hell? 」

A very strange thing happened.

The hilt of the holy sword sucked at me like an octopus sucker and wouldn’t let go of my hand.

「No, no, no, no, no, no, no, it’s no use! It doesn’t leave me! 」

How stubborn is that?

This holy sword, it really have a mind of its own and is it stuck with me for good?

『After all, you’ve been recognized by the Holy Sword. The Holy Sword is supposed to be with you 』

「It’s not good. Just take it if it’s that good it’ll do some good, won’t it? 」

Platy is also reluctant to talk about it like its someone else’s business.

I don’t have a choice.

I also received a one-set scabbard from my teacher and decided to lower it to my waist.

Thus, we left the dungeon with the teacher seeing us off.

              *    *    *

「it was a good result.」

When we got home, Platy was in a good mood.

「I never imagined that I’d become friends with a dungeon lord! It’s all thanks to darling! 」

I feel happy and embarrassed when I hear that.

I wanted to dismantle the monster carcasses I brought back and put them to good use, but I didn’t have a blade for dismantling them.

…………… when I think about it I have a holy sword.

Now you’re coming in handy. …!

「You brought back a lizard type and a snake type one at a time…! 」

The only thing that could be put to good use was the skin, but the meat had a strong animal odour and was not likely to be eaten.

I didn’t have the skills to tan the skins, but Platy says she’s going to do it with a magic potion.

「After all, there aren’t many edible monsters in cave type dungeons, are there? 」

「Are there other types of dungeons? 」

「Of course it is. There are three main types: caves, mountains, and ruins. The edible monsters that come out the most are the mountain types.」


「There are square bores, chrysanthemums, and birds. In addition to the fact that it’s a good idea to have a little bit of time to work on your own. ……」

Platy had an enraptured expression on her face.

One of the monster names she uttered strangely caught my attention.

「Square Boar……」

A four-horned pig?

It’s reminiscent of the horned boar we encountered when we were in the mountains before. He has four horns that grow out of his head and fangs that grow out of his mouth.

When the vertices were connected, it was as if they represented a rectangle.

「oh dear anyway……! 」

Now it’s more important to clean up the things you brought back from your teacher’s dungeon.

The rest of the baggage…

「Come to think of it, what’s this for? 」

And I took out a lump of metal.

It’s a mana metal that the teacher gave me as a gift in my free time.

Platy was delighted enough to change the colour of her eyes when she saw this, but I don’t know what’s good about this.

「You idiot, this is super precious metal!!!」

According to Platy’s description, mana metal, like monsters, is a metal formed by the condensation of mana.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, mana hardens and materializes into a monster, but in rare cases, when a few conditions are combined, it crystallizes and becomes a mana metal.

Even in dungeons with mana pools, you can only collect mana metal in cave types.

If the food type monsters are a feature of the mountain dungeon, then mana metal is the biggest highlight of the cave dungeon.

It is hard and light and can be used in many ways.

This mana metal is also called 『Magic Metal』 because it is originally only used for mana and has good compatibility with magic.

「I guess it’s like Mithril….? 」

I was convinced.

「With this much mana metal, how many swords can you make? , A mana metal sword depends on the skill of the swordsmith, but a minimum of ten gold coins per swing is hard! 」

That’s almost the same price we paid for this land.

Well, that’s a big one I’ve been given.

I’ve always wanted a lot of metal products, so I guess its good timing in the sense that I’ve got the materials.


I’ve made up my mind.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to get into hardware making.

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