Nana to kaoru

Nana to kaoru

Nana to kaoru-kokosei no SM gokko

The main manga nana to kaoru has turned out to be quite a hit. It’s unique and rational way of handling an minor S&M play is quite pleasable to it’s destined fan’s. The feature film based on the manga resemble the manga quite a lot. The manga gives quite an in depth information on Kinky hobbies from the danger’s to the pleasure and feeling of the person involved in it. It’s an guide to the Kinky aspirer’s.

Nana to kaoru

Nana to kaoru-kokosei no SM gokko is an sequel to main manga it’s a gift to all nana to kaoru fans. It starts up from the ending chapter of the main manga, after kaoru got hospitalised and before the sequel black lable.

Nana to kaoru
Black label cover

The sequel progresses on new course of their breather session with a make over of modern technologies. Their breather’s evolves to a mature relationship, without spoiling the story’s core lineage.

It’s an treat to all nana to kaoru fans with a replenished breather session with more of it from the sea of kinky ideas.

face reaction
nana’s pleasure face

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