Way to train

Manga Name : Megami no sprinter

Genre: seinen

Moderation: Erotica (19+)

Blog Rating : 3.8/5 Score:73/100

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

English name : Godess’s sprinter

Web Novel : No

Mangadex: 7.3 Bakaupdates: 6.6

Chapters : 36

Verdict: A manga dedicated to coregasm and self-disciplinary.

A track and field themed manga with a peculiar training method established through sexual arousal a story line keeping to maintain it status quo of Animus nature among the characters. Its flow of art emphasis on character details with its background art not hindering personas.

The story cases a bustling comedy with takase countering accident and tragedy he befalls on himself. We may consider it as heaven for ecchi lovers but the artwork leans on the side to hentai as it establishes character expressing nudist behavior but have been used well along the story plots. An non blood related insists story backed with motive not with pleasure arguably a nice teasing play appealing to shota lovers with obvious mild and logical taboo. Manga has a decisive story as it pleads with importance of self-discipline making it apparent. This manga strolls around with quoting various myth and science facts combined but the main fact for increasing testosterone that has been used in manga can’t be validated by me in my research in urban myths and research papers. Overall story could moot to be an analogy like series for people enjoying coregasm.

it is a story that made me wondered why they need to go that extreme, a paradise for eternal lazy that makes them motivate to exercise. Visual treat for muscle lovers .

The story line oscillates along with same format in different dimension and plots. Scattering of story plot among the character is questionable as the MC takase has been portrayed as living puppet for kyouko, female to male story plot ratio is unbalanced as it becomes a female domineering or eccentric. The harem possibilities do tend be facade. It contains more scenes of erotica than comedy for non mature reader’s it could be non-bearing.

anime, manga – review ; JP WN translation- Mak 5

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