Hungry Starfish.

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BLCI Chapter 11 Hungry Starfish.

One more thing that has changed dramatically since Platy came to our frontier.

It is worth mentioning here in particular.

It’s a toilet.

A person who ate have to excrete.

It’s a physiological thing.

How to dispose of excrement is the second most important issue after clothing, food and shelter.

I couldn’t let this go unchallenged.

As a matter of fact, here’s what I’ve been doing with the bathroom….


……There’s an ocean nearby.

I was draining it to the ocean directly.

I heard that sailors in the past used to do this, and the Mother Sea is large enough to accept a little pollution without difficulty.

There are all sorts of ingredients swirling around in the ocean, and wouldn’t it be a good thing if those things grew plankton and other microorganisms, which were then eaten by small fish, which were then eaten by larger fish, which were then fished by me to complete the food cycle?

I confided to Platy and she was super pissed.

「You can’t be serious!! It doesn’t have to be that way! 」
And I got down on my knees and apologized.

「I hate that kind of insensitivity on the part of land people! The sea’s food cycle is only complete with sea creatures! Don’t let the pollution of another world flow in without permission!!」

「Yes! You’re right! I’m sorry…! 」

It was me who was getting pretty hard to stand up to her.

「But, well, Rikuto doesn’t like cleanliness as much as we mermaids do, so it can’t be helped. Hold on a second.」


「I’ve got something for you that’ll surprise you.」

And so Platy once again, became a mop-up on her lower body and dove into the sea.

And she came back with something.

「This is the essential item to solve the toilet situation! 」


Platy holds up something like star shape.

That’s …………

「Starfish? 」

「It’s a starfish-shaped monster, to be exact. Just like the ba-herring G I caught the other day.」

So it’s not a regular starfish.

There’s a lot of good use for monsters in this world.

「This starfish is a monster called a brat starfish. They’re omnivorous, unlike normal starfish, and they’re voracious eaters of everything. 」

「…is that okay? 」

「Yeah, so be careful when you grab it. They’ll bite your finger off.」

It wasn’t okay at all.

「I’ll put it in a bucket or a box or something and keep it filled with water.」

Platy did as she said, setting out a few brat starfish and a vat filled with water.

「Now the toilet is complete.」

「What? 」

This is the toilet?

Isn’t that just a tub of water?

A couple of starfish in the middle of it?

「Well, let me demonstrate, shall I? 」

Platy pressed a small, knife-like blade against his own arm.

Then, she draw the line.

「Yes! 」

Then a straight cut was made on her white skin, and blood dripped from it.

「What’s wrong with you? 」

「don’t worry about it. it’s okay, if you put some medicine on a wound this size…」

After applying the ointment, the wound on her arm disappeared without a trace, as if it had been a lie.

The mermaid potion is amazing.

On the other hand, the vat containing the starfish in question was stained bright red with blood from the wound.

It was a bit of a giddy picture.

The water in the vat is all red.

Perhaps it was her purpose to do so, but what the hell was the point of doing so?

「Because… well, I can’t actually go on an errand. Right in front of you.」


Platy blushing made no sense again, but there was a dramatic change that couldn’t be dwelled on.

The water in the vat, which had turned red with blood, became clearer as you watched.

That process, it wouldn’t have taken a minute, would it?

To my surprise, the water in the tub had completely regained its original clarity.

I could clearly see the starfish sticking to the bottom.

「this is the effect of the brat starfish you must be surprised.」

Platy said proudly.

「This mean starfish sucks up even the smallest organic matter floating in the water and eats it. The same goes for the excrement of large creatures. I substituted blood this time, but…………」


If you can absorb blood and take it in for nutrients, then they can also eat excrete.

In the land of the mermaids, these little starfish are prized as “sea cleaners” and are always kept at home to dispose of sewage and garbage.

「They’ll just absorb the filth and hoard it as nutrients, and they’ll divide and multiply. If they grow too much, you can boil them to death like Ba Herring G and use them as fertilizer. Or you can tear it off and use it as fishing bait.」

It’s a dream material that you can make the most of it by any chance.

Thus a clean toilet was added to our reclaimed land.

Because it is not good to leave it as it is in the dug-out hut that I am now using as a bed, I decided to build a more compact hut at a little distance and put a tub with a starfish in it and make it a private toilet.

If I thought normally, I should accumulate excrement and ferment it and use it as a fertilizer, but we already have strong fish manure of ba herring G.

Therefore, the toilet of the brat starfish was adopted immediately. He rejoices that his life has been enriched by another one.

Platy has somehow managed to stay completely together, and their shared life has become the norm.

Those days went on for a while.

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