Let's buy the land and cultivate in another world Cover

Making a house

The next morning.

When I woke up in the morning and left the cabin, an astonishing event had occurred.

「It’s sprouting….!?」

In the field I just ploughed yesterday.

On a field where no seeds should have been sowed.

They are sprouting.

「Why? How? 」

Were there any weed roots left in the tilled soil? Or maybe some wild species from somewhere had been brought in by the wind, I thought.

Strangely, buds did not grow in random, but in an orderly fashion.

Could something like this happen naturally?

「No way ……! 」

I remembered.

Yesterday, I scooped up the freshly cultivated soil with my hands and called out to them, 「Grow some good vegetables.」

Then I put the soil back into the field, but the soil was touching my hand at the time,
With 『Supreme Bearer』 you master anything, or to get the best out of anything you grasp by your hand.

Did 『Supreme Bearer』 act on the soil that I held and sprout seeds that I hadn’t sowed?

The moment I held the soil, 『Supreme Bearer』 made me the best grower of crops!?

It’s just too much, isn’t it?

No holds barred?

It’s confusing, but I can’t help but take care of the things that have sprouted.

My life on otherworld seems to be off to a good start. Making a house

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