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Appearance of goddess’s Ex Part 1

Got up in the morning and dressed up as soon as possible. The guests haven’t taken in since last night, so the inn is quieter than usual.

I locked it with a regular holiday sign paper at the inn today, and took my leave.

The destination is the west of King’s Landing.

「Good morning」

「good morning Carla, you’re still beautiful today」

The man who has spoken in such a way is the west gate Guard [Captain], the knight of the Royal Guard [Captain] “Dick”, and still the same『a serious soft knight』 is there.

「Mr. Dick, how long have you been soft? Isn’t it better to be solid now?」

「Eh- No, this is a personality, so it won’t heal.」

You have to go through the gates to get out of King’s Landing, but how long have these knights been there? They supposed to come out pretty early in the morning, isn’t it?

「I’ll tell your wife? 」Bosotsu

「No, you know, my wife’s not an angel!? Carla is called a goddess. So, you know, huh? 」

It’s been quite a while since I met Dick, but the soft air hasn’t changed yet. I struck him and threatened a little, but he returned an interesting response. I mean, i heard that murmur, Dick……..  .

「It’s a lie, okay  ?」

「… Huh. Don’t threaten me. Because I can’t win if we quarrelled …… . And you’re going to his place again? You can do that well for a man you meet only once a year, every year, right? You are unexpectedly earnest 」

What are you talking about Dick, has to meet once a year.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one with him…. .

「Although i am not earnest, it is also my birthday and I have a little celebration….. . I’ll go then」

「Okay,  have a nice day You may not need it much for a former adventurer, but there will be demons around King’s Landing, so be careful」

I exchanged greetings and left King’s Landing.

Dick’s muttering “I think it’s good enough to go to a dangerous place and see you” didn’t arrive.

9 thoughts on “Appearance of goddess’s Ex Part 1

  1. I thought it was just like 10 sentences and then I saw that there’s page 1/2 and 3. Thanks for the chapter(part).


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