Skill Taker's World Domination

Skill Taker’s world domination

SKill takers world domination building a slave harem from scratch; Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a slave harem in a different world = Chapter 167 Machine translation

The second reunion

The next day, Yuto came over to the flower garden of Richard in the same way as yesterday

“Mmm. As expected, you had subjugated most of them at once isn’t it too much? Though the sign of the monster does not make it at all since a little while ago ……”

I wonder if I should continue searching its been probably around 30 minutes.

Change completely with yesterday when encountered passed whenever move a little;

I was not able to take at all in the sign that the monster of the guide appeared.

[it is strange. The smell of the monster has completely lost ]

[I have heard such a story come to think of it When demons of the fairy class always have several places or life bases. When a monster comes like the natural enemies such as dragons begins to live, they make a group and seem to migrate to the other base]

“Wait. Originally fairy system was the only one, and the story may have nothing to do with this area? let me see In other words I think that …… sill Fear wants to say in this way. The fairy classes recognized master alone as a natural enemy and may have run away from the flower garden of Richard”


Judging from a conclusion, the guess of sill Fear was successful.

The monster of the fairy class for fear of existence of yuto made a decision with『 as for staying in the flower garden of Richard as it is, is danger』 and planned great escape overnight.

By the way, it was an unprecedented thing the monster of the fairy group considered one human being to be a natural enemy, and to move the base

「will you look for …… just a little more with much effort because you went for an outing? Perhaps, there is also a sufficient possibility of not being found accidentally and when it does 」

It is unbearable to return as I take one-way cost of 2 hours with being empty-handed.

Yuto who thought so started a search again.



It was Yuto who walked around the neighbourhood patiently, but after all he couldn’t find the monster of the fairy class.

As for everything, [overdoing] will be a thing cause the opposite effect?

It was the experience to become lesson for yuto in various ways by this time.

「As for te and temee ……! imperial guard yuto ……!」

It did not bear to find the monster of the guide, but was able to achieve the encounter with the surprising man.

Magician – – Mikhail of legend Brad raises the voice that was full of the getting angry as soon as he saw figure of Yuto.

「 in front it is you Well though I have failed to hear it yesterday, you have any purpose to come to this area?

「hatsu! Someone temee what you think? Is bad, but we are accomplishing an absolutely confidential duty swearing absolute secrecy ……」

「beh-ind —- y-ou」

「wha..ugh oof」

It is the thing that Mikhail was going to be able to make a slip of the tongue carelessly just after that.

The flying kick which is sharp fearfully attacked Michael’s back.

「gobatsu …… This temee …… brain line sage! Are you going to kill me?”

“Naturally [I intended to murder you and rejected it.] Because I revive it in a dead place, I will not have any problem”

Those where as Sophia suddenly appears before yuto and the wise sage of the legend blood.

The blow attack of Sofia seemed to hide tremendous power as usual.

[even if I am so, and body temee always bites even anything very much, I am going to solve it by violence. therefore woman have a little modesty tsu!!!」

「……, yes? the sex has nothing to do with, don’t you think?」

「There are a lot of relations!, Wearing such a short skirt, then jumping piyonpiyon and the tsu te. If Konoe looks at you with erotic eyes, what would you do !! 」

「do you look at exactly, where? 」

「Your hu tsu!」

Sophia turning kick lands in Michael’s face.

( Those guys opportunity does not seem, which both of them have bad when I do it this way…… )

Yuto who watched both people’s conversation decided to throw the question that stepped decisively.

「The secret? Both people have some important work, and are you by any chance in the flower garden of Richard?」


When the yuto asked it , Michael & Sophia so had carried out silence awkwardly.

It is what to be able to be responsible for me, or is there not it? I came for the monster subjugation though This street fairies seem to have disappeared somewhere and become bored

「Is it all right ……? Quite a few you are at risk of being jeopardized if I will reach us,” but」

It is all right. See it in this way, and I am confident of strength to some extent」

Though I went for an outing with much effort, I cannot return without any yield

I may stand in the part of ninatte sorega in the future if I sell favor for a member of legend Brad here that may rise in the part of ninatte sorega in the future if I sell favor for a member of legend Brad here

「Huh!I say in temee …… what!Even if you are an enemy of legend Brad!」

「Hmm? From sometime we became your enemy, is it?」

「……Don’t you think? you forgot with to make say, thee? As for you we enemy of mankind! When the devil of gluttony, fighting with Beelzebub, it probably has been attached on demon family side, but!……!」

「Oh Was there also such a thing? Michael You misunderstand one」

「What ……!?」

「even if about a human being or a devil group or such a same thing for me, when I am good person Because even I am a friend of the pretty girl 」

Yuto who received a question of Mikhail answered with a well-defined smart and manly look